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Board Members

Tenure of office from 16 January 2019 to 15 January 2022

Ms. CHAN Tsz-wai (Elected Member)
Ms. CHEUNG Lai-yi (Elected Member)
Mr. HUI Chung-shing, Herman, S.B.S., M.H., J.P. (Appointed Member)
Dr. KWOK Ngai-kuen (Elected Member)
Ms. LEE Cheung-pui, Sindy Cat (Appointed Member)
Dr. LEUNG Chuen-suen (Elected Member)
Ms. Li Yuen-wah, Cecilla (Representative of the Director of Social Welfare)
Mr. LO Wa-kei, Roy (Appointed Member)
Ms. LUI Siu-ying (Appointed Member)
Mr. LUN Chi-wai (Elected Member)
Ms. MAN Yuen-ling, Connie (Appointed Member)
Dr. NG Yut-ming (Elected Member)
Dr. TING Wai-fong (Elected Member)
Miss TO Shuk-yi (Appointed Member)
Mr. TSANG Kin-chiu (Elected Member)