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Background of the Social Workers Registration Ordinance

1984 A joint working group within the social welfare sector was formed to initiate the set up of registration system for social workers in Hong Kong.

April 1991 Voluntary registration system of social workers under the Hong Kong Social Welfare Personnel Registration Council set up by the sector was implemented.

1993 Work was embarked by the Registration Council to draft a Private Member’s Bill to set up statutory registration system to ensure self-discipline among social workers and to safeguard the interests of recipients of social service.

Early 1995 The relevant legislative work was taken over by the Hong Kong Government on the foundation of the almost completed draft Private Bill.

26 June 1996 The Social Workers Registration Bill was read the first and the second time by the Legislative Council.

Early 1997 The Bill was scrutinized by the LegCo Bills Committee.

23 April 1997 The Bill was read the third time and passed by the Legislative Council.

6 June 1997 The Social Workers Registration Ordinance was gazetted.