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Registration Matters

Application / Re-application of Registration

Guidelines on Application / Re-application

Application Form for Application / Re-application - Download version (PDF)

The forms specified for making statutory declaration in accordance with Section 37(5) of the Social Workers Registration Ordinance (please choose one from below):

(a)   If the statutory declaration is made before the Commissioner for Oaths at the Home Affairs Department of the HKSAR, please use the form below:

(i)   The form no. "HAD 5" of the Home Affairs Department (PDF)
(ii)   Guidelines (PDF) and sample (PDF)

(b)   If the statutory declaration is made before a practicing solicitor or a Justice of Peace in Hong Kong, please use the form below:

(i)   The form no. "SWRBSD1" of the Board (PDF)
(ii)   Guidelines (PDF) and sample (PDF)。

Renewal of Registration

Guidelines on Application for Renewal

Application Form for Renewal - Download version (PDF)

Application Form for Renewal - Online Version (Login Required)

Application to Discontinue Registration

Application Form to Discontinue Registration - Download version (PDF)

(If you choose to submit the above form(s) by mail, in order to avoid delays or unsuccessful delivery to the Board Office, please ensure that sufficient postage has been paid before posting the mail, otherwise you may have to bear any consequences caused by insufficient postage.)