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United Kingdom

  1. A social work degree awarded in the U.K. that is accredited by any of the following Councils is, in principle, recognized by the Board for registration, subject to the further specifications as set out below.


Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW) (closed on 30 September 2001), General Social Care Council (GSCC) (closed on 31 July 2013), 
Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) (closed on 1 December 2019), Social Work England (succeeding the HCPC on 2 December 2019)

North Ireland
Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC)

Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)  

Care Council for Wales (CCW) 

  1. Qualification that is led by a distance education or an off-shore programme is excluded. The Board will consider on an individual basis an application for registration filed by a holder of a social work degree that is led by a distance education programme or an off-shore programme, notwithstanding that the programme is approved by any one of the said Councils.
  2. Details of the social work degrees which are currently and formerly accredited by the various Councils in UK are available from:

  3. England

  1. Northern Ireland
  1. Scotland 
  1. Wales 
  1. There have been a number of social work non-degree qualifications which were led by the pertinent programmes with historical approval by the then CCETSW and GSCC, and NISCC, SCCC, and CCW and were awarded a Diploma in Social Work (DipSW) for the completion of those programmes have been deemed recognized by the Board prior to the change in accreditation system in UK. To continue honor such historical recognition, the Board has maintained a list of these non-degree qualifications, which can be downloaded from the link as shown below. Holders of this type of social work non-degree qualifications conferred in or before 2004 may apply for registration but are required to produce, in addition to the copy each of the certificate in respect of the social work qualification awarded by the tertiary institution concerned, the DipSW issued by any one of the said Councils (except the HCPC) when applying for registration.

  1. The Councils may from time to time review their accreditation criteria and revise their lists of approved programmes.  
  2. Before pursing social work studies in the U.K., students should assume personal responsibility to verify with the Council of the region concerned whether the social work qualification is or to be pursued will be accredited at the year of graduation. 
  3. In any circumstances, the Board reserves the right as to whether to recognize the qualifications accredited by the respective Councils for registration.