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Application for Registration

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What to submit?
1. Please send in the following:
(a) The completed application form for registration specified by the Board (Validity up to one month) (Download);
(b) A copy of HK Identity Card;
(c) The original statutory declaration on any conviction (or not) in Hong Kong or elsewhere of the applicant (Validity up to one month) (Guidelines and samples); and
(d) Registration fee of $500 (by cheque).

2. Copies of documentary proof of qualification for registration (please choose the applicable option):-

(a) Holder of a recognized social work qualification for registration
Applicants should submit a copy of the certificate of a recognized social work qualification.

(b) Fresh graduate who has not yet been awarded the certificate of a social work qualification
(i) The applicant should submit an official transcript, or letter of certification issued by the institution as temporary documentary proof of his/her social work qualification. The content of those documents should clearly indicate the applicant's satisfactory completion of the programme and being recommended for the award of the qualification concerned for the purpose of verifying his/her qualification for registration by the Board Office. The applicant should also submit to the Board a copy of the certificate in respect of the diploma/degree in social work after it is formally awarded.

(ii) If the applicant has been accepted for a social work post, he/she should submit a copy of employment contract duly signed by the employing agency and him/her. If the applicant is not able to provide the said contract, he/she should at least provide a letter issued by the employing agency, in which the agency indicates its tentative offer of a social work post to the applicant subject to his/her successful registration with the Board. At the same time, the applicant should also submit a copy of documentary proof of his/her social work qualification as mentioned under (i).

(c) Applicant who does not hold a recognized social work qualification but has been accepted for a social work post
Applicant should submit documentary proof of his/her social work employment, for example, a copy of a formal employment contract which should be clearly stipulated that the applicant has been accepted for a social work post requiring him/her to use the title of social worker and discharge social work duties. Details of the job duties and the requirements of the post are also required.

    (d) Others
    If and as necessary, applicant may be required to submit documentary proof to satisfy the Board that at the time of application:-
    (i) he/she is ordinarily resident in Hong Kong; and
    (ii) he/she is fit and proper person to be registered.

    How to apply?
    Please send all the document mentioned in paragraph 1 to:
    (a) By post or by hand: 27/F, Eastern Commercial Centre, 83 Nam On Street, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong.
    (b) If application and documentary proof are submitted via our Online Registration System, please send the original statutory declaration and the cheque to the Board by post or by hand.

    What's Next
    1. In normal circumstances, the Board would complete the processing and approval of application in 10 working days after receiving all necessary documents and application fees. And the followings will be sent to the applicant's registered address by ordinary post:-
    (a) An approval letter;
    (b) A Certificate of Registration; and
    (c) A Registration Card.

    2. If an applicant has submitted an application to or furnished supplementary document with the Board for about 10 working days without receiving any response, he/she can enquire to Board Office about the status of that application.

    3. Any incomplete application will be not processed. The Board office will inform the applicant concerned in writing.

    4. If any applicant would like to collect the certificate from the Board Office in person or authorize someone else to do so, such request should be made in writing when applying for registration.