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Invitation for Nomination of Co-opted Members of the Committee on Qualification Recognition


The functions of the Social Workers Registration Board (the Board) include setting and reviewing the academic qualification standards for registration as registered social workers; and assessing whether the academic qualifications conferred by the tertiary institution are based on the above-mentioned standards. Therefore, the Board has setup the Committee on Qualification Recognition (the Committee) to be responsible for the related work. We cordially invite you to nominate persons for the Board's consideration to appoint them as co-opted members of the Committee for assisting to discharge statutory duties.

Enclosed are the (1) “Information Sheet”; (2) “General Notes on Nomination”; and (3) “Nomination Form” at your disposal.

Please read carefully the qualifications listed on paragraph 8 and 9 of the “General Notes on Nomination” and return the completed “Nomination Form” by email, by mail, or by fax. The deadline for nomination is 13 May 2022.

When the Board is to place any persons to the Committee, it has to keep the membership to a manageable scale and strike a well-balanced composition. The Board may not appoint all those being nominated.

Yours faithfully,

Ng Yut Ming