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Result of Election of Social Workers Registration Board Members


The election of members of the Social Workers Registration Board (the Board) was conducted in 8 November to noon of 1 December 2018.  A total of 5,461 ballots were received.  Vote counting was completed on the same day at the Board office.  Computer system was used in the vote counting exercise, duly observed by members of the Election Committee. With the void ballots discarded, the result of the election was as follows:

Sequential Number Name of Candidate Vote Received
1 Ting Wai Fong 2,815
2 Liu Kam Fung, Iris 719
3 Ng Siu Man  1,507
4 Yu Sau Chu  608
5 Tsang Kin Chiu  2,230
6 Leung Kin Hung  1,435
7 Ng Ka Him 899
8 Leung Chuen Suen  2,730
9 Chan Tsz Wai 1,919
10 Ng Yut Ming  2,712
11 Kwok Ngai Kuen  2,296
12 Chan Wing Man, Kelly 631
13 Chow Oi Wah, Esther  1,164
14 Au Kit Ying, Anita  388
15 Cheung Lai Yi 1,968
16 Lau Chiu Man  759
17 Fu Tsun Hung  1,282
18 Choi Man Lai 522
19 Cheung Tat Ming  1,430
20 Lai Man Lok  772
21 Yu Siu Po, Augustine  567
22 Wong Kam Chung  425
23 Lun Chi Wai  2,890

The eight candidates receiving the highest number of votes are elected members of the Board for the new term from 16 January 2019 to 15 January 2022. They are: (in order of their sequential numbers for election)

Ting Wai Fong, Tsang Kin Chiu, Leung Chuen Suen, Chan Tsz Wai, Ng Yut Ming, Kwok Ngai Kuen, Cheung Lai Yi and Lun Chi Wai.

The list of the Board members of the new term, including the eight newly elected members, the 6 appointed members, and the Director of Social Welfare or his representative, will be published in the gazette on or before 15 January 2019.