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Forum for Election of Board Members — Enrollment

The Election Committee has confirmed and published at the website of the Board on 9 September 2021 the list of 15 valid candidates for the election. To let voters to better understand the candidates before the voting, an election forum will be held.  Owing to the uncertain situation of the pandemic, the forum will be conducted in hybrid mode. Candidates can only opt to attend the forum on-site while voters can only join the forum online.  We have invited separately the candidates to attend. If you are interested to join, please enrol your name, registration number and email address in advance and use the same identity to log in the forum. The “Guidelines for the Proceedings of the Election Forum” has been posted onto our website for reference.

Details of the Online Forum:
Date:   6 November 2021 (Saturday)
Time : starting from 2:00pm (The end time will depend on the number of candidates present and the number of questions asked by the voters)
Forum Enrolment:
Deadline for Enrolment: 5 November 2021 (Friday) at 1:00pm