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Consultation on PCS (2020)

Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the “Principles, Criteria & Standards for Recognizing Qualifications in Social Work” (PCS)

The Board hereby invites you to submit views and comments on the revised proposed amendments on the PCS, a download version (in English only) is available here:

1. Proposed Amendments
2. Current version

The current version of the PCS has been in use since the last amendment in 2014. In order to accommodate the changes in the social environment, the Committee on Qualification Assessment and Registration (“the Committee”) has collected views and suggestions on the PCS from different stakeholders in 2017 and drafted the proposed amendments for consultation in 2019 for the first round public consultation. Having heard and considered all opinions collected, the Committee has revised a number of the proposed amendments, and with the blessings of the Board, the revised proposed amendment forms the basis for this second round consultation.

This second round consultation will last for 3 months. You are invited to send in written submissions to the Board on or before 31 August 2020 via:

  • email ( or
  • fax (25911411) or
  • post (27/F., Eastern Commercial Centre, 83 Nam On Street, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong)

For enquiries, please contact the Board Office at 2591 1955.