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Submission Guidelines for Registered Social Workers

To allow RSWs to express their views on social work profession, the Board welcomes submissions from fellow workers. When submitting, please pay attention to the following regulations:

  1. Submissions should be related to the functions of the Board or the social work profession.
  2. Submissions do not represent the position of the Board, and the author bears the responsibility for the content.
  3. Submitters must be registered social workers and must provide their real name, mailing address, email, and contact phone number. Submitters may request not to publish their real name.
  4. Submissions can be written in Chinese or English, with a limit of 2000 Chinese characters or 1500 English words.
  5. The Board has the sole discretion to decide whether to publish submissions or not.
  6. The Board has the final editorial rights.
  7. The Board will not provide any form of remuneration to submitters.