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List of Valid Candidates

List of Valid Candidates for Election of Board Members for the Term 16/01/2022 – 15/01/2025 
(published on 24 September 2021)

In accordance with the Rules for Election of Board Members, the Election Committee has verified all the Nomination Forms submitted to the Board Office within the period of nomination, confirmed and published hereby the list of 15 valid candidates for the election. The sequential number for each candidate (as shown below) has been assigned after the Lots Drawing Session conducted on 23 September 2021. 

The Committee would like to point it out that the validity of these persons to run the election rests upon their continual registration as Registered Social Workers before the vote counting commences, as provided under paragraph 5.7 of the Rules.

The List
  1. Leung Yin Hung (04012)
  2. Cheung Yun Hang, Stanley (18130)
  3. Cheung Tat Ming (01191)
  4. Lai Man Lok (24930)
  5. Yu Sau Ying (07193)
  6. Ng Yut Ming (05020)
  7. Chan Kwok Bong (00293)
  8. Chung Wai Lun, Adino (09608)
  9. Ho Sze Man, Toby (16318)
  10. Wong Kam Kuen (06247)
  11. Shum Wai Chuen (05285)
  12. Luk Fung Ping (04497)
  13. Ching Chi Kong (01286)
  14. Ng Siu Man (04909)
  15. Lam Chiu Wan (02855)