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Renewal of Registration


1. Why to apply?

1.1 The RSW is at liberty to apply or not.

1.2 If the RSW fails to renew the registration, his/her may be removed from the Register after the expiry date. Upon such removal:-
(1) The person concerned is statutorily required to return within 14 days the Certificate of Registration to the Board Office;
(2) The person concerned is not entitled to use the titles specified in Section 34 of the Ordinance;
(3) If the person concerned wishes to be registered again, he/she will be required to re-apply afresh, by submitting the form and all supporting documents (including but not limited to a fresh original statutory declaration) and to pay a re-application fee currently at HK$500.

2. How to apply?

2.1 You must apply by submitting BOTH the completed renewal form specified by the Board AND the renewal fee currently at HK$400.

2.2 The specified form:-
(1) A hardcopy is attached to the reminder letter;
(2) Web and download versions are available at the homepage of the Board;
(3) Online form can be used via the Online Registration System at:

2.3 The fee can be paid by/via:-
(1) Online payment via credit card;
(2) Crossed cheque payable to: Social Workers Registration Board;
(3) PPS (merchant code of the Board: "9329", bill a/c no. = registration no.); or
(4) Cash payment at 7-Eleven Stores (use the QR Code on this letter)
3. What to submit?

3.1 Please send in the following:
(1) The completed renewal form specified by the Board;
(2) The renewal fee.

4. Where to submit?

4.1 Please send to:
(1) Online Registration System at:;
(2) By post or by hand:
27/F Eastern Commercial Centre, 83 Nam On Street, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong;
(3) By fax: 2591 1411 (form only);
(4) It is the onus on you to ensure no delay or omission caused by errs in postal delivery or fax transmission; documentary proof showing the due receipt by the Board office of both form and fee before the prescribed deadline will be required to prove your case when in dispute.

5. When to submit?

5.1 The submission shall reach the Board Office within the renewal window as specified in the reminder letter (please allow 1-2 extra work days if submission is by post);

5.2 The Board may extend the time for renewal of registration at its own discretion.

6. What's next?

6.1 If renewal application, with both the renewal form and fee, is submitted in time, upon approval by the Board, the Board Office will send, usually within 7 working days, by ordinary post to the applicant's registered address:-
(1) The new registration card as evidence of your registration status;
(2) Receipt as evidence of settlement of the renewal fee; and
(3) A cheque for the $20 refund (Applicable to successful renewal applications submitted by RSWs within the renewal window. This is applicable to those with expiry dates after 1 January 2018.)

6.2 If no application is submitted within the renewal window:-
(1) The Board will send to the applicant next work day after the renewal window by registered post a notice of intention to remove the applicant's name from the Register as required under section 22(4) of the Ordinance; and
(2) Provided that the applicant has supplied his/her email address and mobile phone number to the Board, a week before the expiry, we will send him/her a courtesy email or SMS reminder.