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Important Points to Note for Registered Social Workers (RSWs)

Your attention is drawn to the following statutory duties in relation to registration as provided in the Social Workers Registration Ordinance:-

1. Report of charges and convictions (s.24)

1.1 RSW shall as soon as reasonably practicable serve a notice in writing on the Board when he/she is charged with or convicted of any offence, whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
1.2 The notice should include the nature of the offence. Conviction of an offence shall also be reported separately even the related charge has previously been reported.
1.3 The Board has provided a form "Notification & Reporting Form" for adoption at its website

2. Report of changes in particulars (s.16)

2.1 The following personal particulars of RSW's registration are being kept in the Register, as prescribed in the statute which is open for inspection by members of the public:
(1) Name;
(2) Registered Address;
(3) Qualification on which the registration is based.
2.2 RSW shall within 3 months notify the Registrar of any change in any of these particulars. Among which, the address need not be the residential address of the RSW but at his/her own choice the one that will be used for public inspection and as the correspondence address in any matter concerning the functions and duties of the Board.
2.3 There are other personal particulars which RSWs may wish the Board to keep up-to-date, report of changes to those are optional but helpful.
2.4 The Board has provided a form "Notification & Reporting Form" for adoption at its website

3. Renewal of registration (s.20)

3.1 It is the duty of RSW to apply for renewal of registration to the Registrar in the specified form and within the specified period.
3.2 Any correspondence from the Board should be taken as reminder of the relevant timeline and requirements to be observed.
3.3 It is the onus on you to ensure no delay or omission caused by errs in postal delivery or fax transmission; documentary proof showing the due receipt by the Board office of both form and fee before the prescribed deadline will be required to prove your case when in dispute.

4. Return of certificate of registration (s.22(6) & s.35)

4.1 A person who has ceased to be a RSW shall return within 14 days any certificate issued in respect of his/her registration to the Registrar;
4.2 Refusal or failure to do so without a reasonable excuse may be liable on conviction to a fine up to HK$50,000.

5. Ordinarily resident in Hong Kong (s.17(3)(a), s.22(1)(c) & s.22(2))

5.1 This is one of the requirements for RSW to be and to remain registered as such.

5.2 When a RSW has failed to reside in Hong Kong for a period of 2 years or more, the Board shall not consider him/her to be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong.
5.3 To duly discharge its duties, the Board may ask for address proof when deemed necessary, in particular when the RSW has notified us of a registered address outside Hong Kong.