Second Round Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the
“Code of Practice for Registered Social Workers” (COP)

繁中 | English

The Social Workers Registration Board conducted the first round public consultation on the proposed revision of the COP last year. We would like to thank all sectors for their concern and valuable comments. The “Committee on Professional Conduct” and the “Taskforce on Review of COP” under the Committee have considered all the opinions collected, revised the documents and presented them for the second round consultation.

Compared with the previous version, besides refinements to the text, the documents for this second round consultation have embedded the major change, where the Board has taken in the opinions of the field that modeling the past form, the COP and the Guidelines will be presented in two documents, and only the former one will be gazetted as required by statute.

We sincerely invite all of you to give your opinions. You may download the consultation documents, review the opinions collected in the previous round (consent given only) and express your views through this website.

The second round consultation will last for three and-a-half months to 31 August 2021. You are invited to send in written submissions to the Board via::
Owing to the pandemic situation, the maximum number of participants for each physical session is 20 (may be adjusted according to the pandemic situation). If you are interested to participate in the consultation session, please register through the online form for our logistic arrangement.