Appendix 1: Rationale of Pursuing Continuing Professional Development


1     In Response to Changing Societal Needs

Rapid socio-economic changes as a result of globalization are dramatically transforming the society of Hong Kong.  Growing complexity of social problems and increasing public aspiration for quality social service require social workers to be receptive, versatile and constantly updated with ever-changing needs of the society.  Basic social work training only provides fundamental knowledge and skills.  RSWs should accumulate new experiences and knowledge over time for their personal growth and professional enhancement.  Their need for CPD is therefore imperative.

2     In Search of Professional Growth and Development

To pursue professional excellence, it is crucial for social workers to participate in activities aiming at consolidating and sharing local social work knowledge and skills, and exchanging practice insights with fellow workers of other countries and regions.

3     Enhancement of Accountability

 Service users have the right to receive quality and professional service and such right should be respected.  RSWs should therefore commit themselves to CPD to achieve the objective of rendering services at their best.  That RSWs should go for CPD has also been clearly stated in the code of ethics published by major social work professional bodies worldwide.  It is not unusual that members of the public or employers may regard CPD as one of the criteria to assess the competence of RSWs.  RSWs therefore should sustain public recognition and social sanction by up-keeping their professional standard through CPD.

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