Vision for the Future

7.1   It is a universal trend that professionals including social workers pursue professional enhancement to cope with ever-changing societal and technological needs.  Comparing with other major professions of Hong Kong and accreditation bodies in social work of other countries, many of which are exercising a compulsory CPD system or alike, the social work profession in Hong Kong lags behind in this area.  The introduction of the Scheme will on one hand reinforce the RSWs who are diligently pursuing professional development, and on the other hand, serves to remind those who are not actively participating CPD activities to intensify their efforts in seeking professional advancement.

7.2   Taking into account the expectation of the general public towards the social work profession, feedback from the field, and difficulty faced and experience gained in the course of promoting and implementing the Scheme to RSWs, the Board will review the Scheme from time to time.  She envisions that with the concerted efforts of RSWs, agencies and CPD activity organizers, the Scheme will be successfully implemented.  This will help RSWs make the first but vital step to the perpetual development of their profession.

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