Supportive Mechanism


6.1  Functional Website

6.1.1    To provide a common platform for RSWs, employing agencies and CPD activity organizers to make easy access to and exchange information on CPD activities, the Board will set up a new website accommodating an on-line operating system.  The website, being operated on a self-helped and self-regulatory basis, will also serve as a platform for interactions among RSWs, agencies, CPD activity organizers, and even the public.  The Board will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the system.

6.1.2   The website will mainly fulfill the following functions:

(A)   For RSWs

(a)   RSWs will be provided an account for access to and operate the online system.

(b)  RSWs will be able to make easy access to CPD information normally posted by various CPD activity organizers.  They may make on-line enrolment if relevant links are available.

(c)   RSWs may input their records of participating CPD activities such as self-study and publication, in which no organizers are involved, in the system according to the defaulted format.

(d)  RSWs may download their CPD records from the website generated from the records posted by them and the participation records posted by CPD activity organizers.  These records are, however, by no means certified records issued by the Board.

(e)  During registration period, RSWs’ CPD records will be kept in the system.  After an RSW’s name is removed from the Register of RSWs for whatever reason, however, he/she will not be allowed to login in the system.  He/she may request in writing for their CPD record kept in the system.  Under the Board’s current Data Retention Policy[1], a backup of the CPD record of that person will be kept for four years after the removal of his/her name from the Register, unless objected by him/her in writing.

(B)   For Employing Agencies

Information on CPD activities or courses on the website will be open to the public.  This platform will provide agencies with comprehensive and up-to-date CPD information to help their human resources staff explore learning opportunities, and sketch training and development plans for their social work employees.

(C)  For CPD Activity Organizers

(a)  Upon making a request to the Board and meeting the basic requirements, a CPD activity organizer will be put on the Board’s list for the purpose.  It will then be provided an account for making access to the system.

(b)  Listed CPD activity organizers may upload CPD programmes and activities to the website.  The information will be open to the public.  Activity organizers will have to be take full responsibility for the CPD information that they post on the website.  The Board reserves the right to retain or delete any entries of CPD activities as she thinks fit.

(c) Listed CPD activity organizers may upload the participation records of RSW participants to the system.

(d) The system will keep a database of CPD activities posted on the website.  The information on those activities will be retained for one year, or upon expiry or being replaced by new information, whichever the earlier.  The database will be updated from time to time automatically by default.

(e)   In normal circumstances, names of CPD activity organizers will be kept on the Board’s list, subject to review by the Board from time to time or every two years.

(f)   In any circumstances, the Board makes the final decision to add the name of a CPD activity organizer to or withdraw it from the list.

6.1.3    A diagram illustrating the operation of the system is showed in Appendix 6.

6.2       Role and Authority of the Board

6.2.1   Before the Social Workers Registration Ordinance (the Ordinance) is amended to vest the Board with a mandate to deal with RSWs’ CPD-related matters, the Board will focus on promoting the Scheme to RSWs and take every possible supportive measure to help make the Scheme a success.

6.2.2   In promoting the Scheme, the Board will take the following measures as appropriate subject to different parties:

(A)   For RSWs

The Board will appeal to RSWs to initiate their user accounts and to participate in the Scheme.

(B)   For Employing Agencies

(a) Recognition and support for the Scheme from employing agencies are crucial to how effective the implementation will be.  Therefore, the Board will work with them in the following direction:

(i)  Appeal to agencies to promote CPD to their social work employees.

(ii) Seek agencies’ co-operation in providing a conducive learning environment by means of formulating favourable CPD policies for their social work employees, for example, providing financial support and study leave, and organizing in-house CPD activities.

(b)  Employing agencies may also request for being put on the list of CPD activity organizers.  For their internal training programme posted onto the website, agencies are encouraged to open a quota of at least 10 places or 20 percent of the total places, whichever is greater, to RSWs from other agencies.

(C)  For CPD Activity Organizers

(a) The Board may invite CPD activity organizers, for example, various social work training institutions, employing agencies of RSWs, professional associations and unions, to actively participate in the Scheme and admit them into the Board’s list of CPD activity organizers.

(b)  Activity organizers may request to the Board for being put on the list via the on-line system.

(D)  General

Basically, the Board has no involvement in the interaction among RSWs, CPD activity organizers and the functional website.  Nevertheless, the Board will manage and maintain the website to make sure that it runs smoothly and properly.


[1]   Under the Board’s Data Retention Policy, if a person does not reapply for registration within four years after his/her name is removed from the Register for whatever reason, his/her personal data which are not related to registration will be destroyed.

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