Framework of the CPD Scheme


2.1       Definition of CPD

CPD refers to post-qualification training and development, either academically or professionally, that help RSWs broaden their vision, upgrade their knowledge and skills, and enhance their personal and professional competence.


2.2       Contents of CPD

CPD consists of the following elements:

(A)    Activities Relevant to Social Work Practice

                     This category refers to:

(a)     Training or activities with social work content, comprising knowledge and skills related to social work theory and practice; and

(b)     Training or activities indirectly related to social work or in allied disciplines relevant to social work practice.

(B)    Other Activities

                     This category refers to:

(a)     Activities that may not be relevant to social work practice but are aimed at facilitating RSWs’ ongoing personal enhancement; and

(b)     Community service that may include committee work, consultative commitments, public service and voluntary work.


2.3       Mode of CPD Activities

There are an extensive variety of CPD activities, by pursuing which, social workers will gain CPD points.  Such activities may include formal social work training programmes, formal training programmes in allied disciplines, courses, lectures, in-house training, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, talks, self-study, study tours, writing (articles/chapters/books), volunteer work, public service commitments, etc.  Tertiary institutes, agencies, and many other organizations are offering various sorts of CPD programmes and activities.


2.4       Voluntary Participation

The Scheme is developmental in nature and aimed at encouraging social workers to undergo CPD upon their own initiatives.  While it is expected that social workers would spontaneously pursue continuing education whenever they identify any areas of insufficiency in discharging their duties, they are encouraged to adopt a forward-looking attitude and a development-oriented approach in participating CPD activities.

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