Appendix 4: Listing of CPD Activity Organizers


1     Requirements for Being Listed

The Board will maintain a list of CPD activity organizers.  Basically, those CPD activity organizers, which show their intention and abilities to provide activities facilitating RSW to pursue CPD and achieve any one of the following purposes, may have their names put on the list:

(A)    in response to societal need

(B)    in search of professional growth and development

(C)    enhancement of accountability

2     Procedures for Being Listed

2.1  At the initial stage, the Board will invite all tertiary institutions providing formal social work training programmes, employing agencies of RSWs, Hong Kong Social Workers Association and Hong Kong Social Workers’ General Union to participate in the Scheme of as CPD activity organizers.  The Board will put their names on the list of CPD activity organizers upon receiving their affirmative reply and undertaking to fulfil their obligation as mentioned in (3).

2.2   After the first list of CPD activity organizers is compiled, any tertiary institution, agency or entity that wishes to have her name added to the list may make a request and submit an on-line registration form to the Board.  She will be required to furnish the Board the following information in a standard form:

(A)    name of organizer

(B)    registered address

(C)    nature of organization

(D)    service sector

(E)     business of organization

(F)     types of activities to be provided tentatively

(G)    person of contact and his means of contact

(H)    any other information as appropriate

2.3   Upon receiving a request from an organization for being put on the list of CPD activity organizers, the Working Group on Professional Development, as delegated by the Board, will assess the eligibility of the organization based on the basic requirements mentioned in (1).  The Board will make the final decision on whether to list a CPD activity organizer.

2.4   CPD activity organizers will be kept on the list, subject to review every two years.  The organizer will be notified of the decision.

2.5    In any circumstances, the Board has the final decision to add the name of any CPD activity organizer to or withdraw it from the list.

3   Obligations of Listed CPD Activity Organizers

3.1    After being put on the list, CPD activity organizers will be given a user account.  They may upload their CPD activities for RSWs on the Board’s website in a defaulted format.  Information on CPD activities to be uploaded includes:

(A)    name of activity

(B)    nature of activity

(C)    whether it is internal training

(D)    mode of activity (reference at Appendix 5)

(E)    date or duration of activity

(F)    number of hours required

(G)   CPD points to be awarded after completion of the activity

(H)   name of award after completion of the activity

(I)    any other information as appropriate

3.2   After the completion of each activity, organizers may upload the participation records of attendants (RSWs) with awards of CPD points to the system.  Information includes:

(A)    Particulars of CPD Activity

(a)    name of activity

(b)    nature of activity

(c)    duration of activity

(d)    number of hours completed in the activity

(e)    CPD points gained by RSWs for their participation of the activity or for completing the course

(f)     name of award after completion of activity

(g)    any other information as appropriate

(B)    Particulars of RSWs

(a)     name in Chinese and English

(b)     registration number

(c)     any other information as appropriate

3.3   In any circumstances, listed CPD activity organizers should provide true and accurate information.

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