Appendix 3: Reference of CPD Requirements of Professional and Accreditation Bodies


Regulatory Body

Legal Status of CPE/CPD/

Points/Credits Required

Mechanism for Recognizing CPE/CPD/CME/ 

CE Points

Possible Consequence of Failing to Fulfil CPE/CPD/CME/CE Requirements

Special Consideration

The Law Society of Hong Kong


15 points for each practice year for solicitors and trainee solicitors



The Society is one of the course providers.  It is also empowered to delegate the provision of training programmes, to accredit training programmes, and to deal with all matters related to the determination of CPD points to be credited to individual programmes.


Application for the issue of practising certificate refused, and disciplinary action instituted for serious breach of CPD requirement.

Exemption from CPD will be granted on specified grounds provided by the CPD Rules.

The Medical Council of Hong Kong



(for specialists)

90 CME points in a cycle of 3 years for medical practitioners on the register of specialists


The statutory and independent Hong Kong Academy of Medicine is empowered to provide and accredit CME programmes and activities, and determine standards of programmes and examinations.  The Education and Accreditation Committee under the Medical Council, upon the recommendation of the Academy of Medicine, will recommend to the Council on the inclusion of the name of a medical practitioner on the specialist register.


Fellowship may be suspended, and/or removed from the register of specialists.


Allowance may be granted on relevant and exceptional grounds.


Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants



120 hours of relevant professional development activities in each rolling three-year period

at least 20 hours of the 120 hours to be completed in each year

HKICPA provides guidelines for endorsing providers of CPD activities/courses.

Renewal of membership and registration, or issue of the practising certificate refused.

Retired members may be exempt from the requirements.  (Retired members are those who are 55 years of age or above, no longer in full employment and not holding directorship of a listed company and/or practice certificate.)


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers


5 days or 30 hours per year for Corporate members


HKIE is to recognize courses provided by the HKIE Divisions, the engineering industry itself, and a variety of other organizations

Warning letters issued (to corporate members) in the first and second years;

Interviewed by the CPD Committee in the third year; and

Names published in the “Hong Kong Engineers” in the fourth year.


Retired Members will be exempt from the CPD requirements

Australian Association of Social Workers



75 points in a one-year CPE cycle

(One CPE point is equivalent to one hour.)

AASW recognizes the following four categories of CPE programmes:

- Accountability;

- Skill development;

- Gaining new knowledge and information; and

- Contributing to the development of professional social work knowledge and practice.

Refusal of accreditation as an accredited social worker

Exemption may be considered for special circumstances.

Canadian Provincial Associations of Social Work /

Provincial Board of Registration of Social Workers


Mandatory licensing/ registration requirement in most provinces


40 CPE hours each year, where appropriate

The accreditation mechanism varies in different provinces.


Registration or issue of license refused, where appropriate

In some provinces, lower CPE requirements will be applied to part-time, unemployed or retired social workers.


General Social Care Council, England


Either 90 hours or 15 full days of post-registration training within the period of registration (three  years)

The training and learning that registrants choose should:

- benefit personal development needs and take account of individual circumstances which can change over time;

- benefit current employment;

- benefit career progression;

- reflect preferred learning style; and

- make the most of the learning opportunities available to form part of wider professional development.


Considered committing misconduct


If registrants have any doubts about meeting the PRTL requirements, they should contact the GSCC as soon as possible for advice. In most cases, registrants will be asked to provide a written explanation of their individual circumstances for the GSCC’s consideration.

National Association of Social Workers, U.S.A.


Voluntary or compulsory, depending on the State


48 hours of continuing education over a two-year period

(for individual States, ranging from 30 to 60 hours every two years)


NASW provides Standards for CE for assessing providers of CE and for administrators who monitor CE policies.  The accreditation mechanism for Continuing Education Units varies in different States.

Issue of license refused, where appropriate

Members may apply for waiver owing to illness and/or age (if applicable).

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