1.1       It has been for decades that members of the social work field have been pursuing assurance to protect service users’ interests.  The successful establishment of a registration system for social workers practising in Hong Kong is a momentous milestone.  Nevertheless, the ever-changing and challenging social environment does not allow stagnation of social workers’ professional development.  Increasing needs for diversified social services keep pushing social workers to move forward.


1.2       Continuing professional development (CPD) of social workers has been advocated in the social work field for years.  Backed up by the rationale of pursuing CPD, as outlined in Appendix 1, consultations were launched by different parties including the Social Workers Registration Board (the Board) to gauge the opinions of registered social workers (RSWs) on the implementation of a CPD scheme for social workers.  The development is detailed in Appendix 2.


1.3       From the survey conducted by the Board in early 2009 on attitude and behaviour of RSWs on CPD, it is encouraging that the majority of social work practitioners have been making great efforts in pursuing CPD.  With foresight, the Board now steps up to advocate CPD of social workers by introducing this Voluntary CPD Scheme for Registered Social Workers (the Scheme).  She earnestly looks forward to this strong workforce of social workers striving for quality service for the best interests of service users.

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